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°1976 Vilvoorde (BE) - Lives and works in Antwerp (BE)

Master Visual Arts - Sint Lukas School of Arts - Brussels (BE)

"My work is an ode to the cell. To the innermost of something. To the hope and the promise that is contained in the core of all life. Without conditions, without external conditioning. To how it turns inwardly and returns to the outside, in its most vulnerable form. And to the enormous power that is hidden within.


Paper is the main material in my work. By putting several layers of transparent colours on top of each other, I try to create powerful but fragile visual statements. Because of that delicacy and vulnerability the work seemingly vibrates and constantly changes slightly. In the intuitive process of cutting, wrinkling, tearing and cutting the paper, always resulting in the primal oval form, a unique visual language is born, bearing a great colourfulness and translucency."

All works are framed by the artist herself in handmade wooden frames with

anti-reflective and UV-protective glass.

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